PFF (Philippine Football Federation) is the governing body of football in the Philippines.

In a country massively obsessed with basketball, Football naturally
 falls behind in terms of popularity, following, and support. The lack of a clear Brand Identity has only been adding to Filipino Football's struggles for the spotlight.

The lack of interest in football in the Philippines does not reflect recent results, especially those of the Women's National Team, who have managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup (first time in the country's history!) and will be sharing the stage with biggest stars of the game
in the summer of 2023.


The current PFF crest is quite generic and outdated. It has little to no connection with the country, its people, and its culture. This makes it familiar only amongst current fans of Filipino Football, while completely unmoving for those, who are not yet active supporters of the national teams.
The Filipino is loud & proud of his country and its symbolism.

That's why the new crest is a combination of some of the most important 
Filipino imagery.
The vintage-style ball pays homage to the age of the PFF -
one of the oldest Football Federations in Asia.
A Loud & Rough-Around-The-Edges visual language was developed in honor of the Filipino people and their resourcefulness, grit, and determination as well as a never-dying DIY attitude.
The kits were designed using traditional Filipino weaving patterns as inspiration.
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